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Pre-Preliminary and Preliminary level tests can be judged by a single panel. This applies to both MITF and Free skate tests. Due to this single panel judge option, we are offering the option for coaches to request Private Test Sessions for their skaters.


  • Private Testing is open to members and non-members

  • Testing will be done in the morning on NVO ice (8:15, 9:10 or 10:05 AM sessions). Skater is responsible for purchasing NVO ice ($15), in addition to paying testing fees.

For additional information contact:

Testing fees:

Testing fees for private test sessions are based on how many tests the coach brings to the private test session. Coaches can work together to bring multiple students to the same private test session to reduce testing fees.


  • 1 Test Members $75 Non-members $90

  • 2 Tests Members $65 per Non-members $80 per

  • 3+ Tests Members $55 per Non-members $70 per

How to request a Private Test Session:


  • Requests must come from coaches only

  • Fill out the Private Test Session Request on Google Drive

  • Test chair will coordinate with available judges to select the test date

  • Test fees must be paid in full (cash or check) 1 week prior to the test date

  • Skater must be a current USFSA member.

  • Non CFSC members must provide a permission to test form from their home club.


Benefits of Private Test Sessions:


  • For a new, young skater, attending a test session can be daunting. A private test session introduces a skater to the testing process, in a low key, (hopefully) lower stress environment.

  • Testing can be arranged when the skater is ready to test, instead of waiting until a test session is scheduled.

  • In this age of Covid, ability to test in a quieter environment with fewer people around.

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