Welcome to the 36th Annual Colonial Open!

June 5-7, 2020

Proudly hosted by Colonial Figure Skating Club, Inc.
Nashoba Valley Olympia, Boxborough, MA

All teams are required to register online via the U.S. Figure Skating Event Management System (EMS) - www.usfsaonline.org. 


The schedule will be posted here after the close of entries.


Colonial Figure Skating Club has teamed up with Avanti Travel to offer discounted hotel accommodation for this event.

ANY HOTEL QUESTIONS: call us (800) 560-9946






The Annual Colonial Open is a 3-day event for Colonial FSC, and it takes a VILLAGE! 

For some volunteer spots you will need to have a background check and be Safe Sport compliant. These are noted on the sign up. Safe Sport is good or 2 years and the Background check is good for 1 year at any Colonial Event you volunteer at (Colonial Open, Ice Show, etc.). Both can be found at the following website: https://www.usfsaonline.org/SafeSport




First, register as a volunteer:

  1. Go to usfsa.org and click on Members Only at the top to log into your account. If you do not have a USFSA member account, you can still volunteer. Please see this link to create a non-member account:  https://public.3.basecamp.com/p/WsjE3U3GQofqmohwVSFZG64f

  2. Log into your member (or non-member) account

  3. Click on EMS (Event Management System)

  4. Click on Volunteer Opportunities

  5. Under “Upcoming USFS Competitions” locate “2020 Colonial Open”

  6. Click the blue button that says “Volunteer Now”. Review or complete the requested information and click the blue “Save and Continue” button at bottom right.

  7. The next page will ask you about any relevant experience, and it will ask you to agree to the terms and conditions, including a criminal background check (some roles require a background check and some do not – this is just to give consent if one is required). Then click the blue “Submit” button at the bottom right.

Now Select your shifts:

  1. A list of available shifts will appear at the left. These will be by date and by time. Find the day and time you want to volunteer and then click on it to open the volunteer roles available. 

  2. Select the desired volunteer role. It will appear in green at the top of the list

  3. Select other shifts/roles to add those as well.

  4. Once done selecting shifts, click the blue “Review” button at bottom right to review all selected shifts. If correct, click the blue “Confirm” button. You will once again be asked if all is correct – if correct say “yes” but be sure because once you click yes, you can no longer change. If you need to make changes just go ahead and confirm and then email events@colonialfsc.com and we can remove any unwanted shifts.

If at any time you want to add additional shifts, go back to EMS and click on “Volunteer Management”.  Click on “Shift Selection” and use the dropdown menu to find the 2020 Colonial Open competition. Select a shift as you did before, and again if you need to make any changes or remove a shift, just email events@colonialfsc.com and we can make the changes for you.

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 the 2020 Colonial Open was cancelled.



The Colonial Figure Skating Club, Inc., proud host of the 2020 Colonial

Open Competition and invites you to share your talents, goods or service with our athletes, coaches, families and friends! 



Results will be posted here at the conclusion of the competition.

(978) 263-3450  •  customerservice@colonialfsc.com

P.O. Box 517, West Acton, MA 01720

34 Massachusetts Ave, Boxborough, MA 01719


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