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Colonial Athlete's Advisory Committee

Athletes Advisory Committee Mission Statement

The Athlete’s Advisory Committee (AAC) is a community built within the Colonial Figure Skating  Club that emphasizes and increases athlete teamwork, spirit, cooperation, and participation in the club.



We stand as a subdivision of the national Athlete's Advisory Committee of the United States Figure Skating Association. The role of the committee is to address and brainstorm improvements to the surrounding community, whether that be outside community service or in the club. In addition, issues suggested by the club's Board of Directors are addressed (in an attempt to improve aspects concerning the club). Suggestions are collected throughout the year and will be discussed at committee meetings.

The Athlete’s Advisory Committee stands as a liaison between the club staff and the skaters. We work closely with club administration while planning events and go to help to enlarge a sense of community.

Updates are regularly submitted to the Board of Directors outlining the discussions and progress made by the committee. Furthermore, since 2017,  AAC has taken an increasingly active role at the club. Committee members have delegated tasks, earn valuable leadership skills, and learn how to facilitate communication in an organization. Members of all ages and levels are highly encouraged and welcome to participate in our activities.

Contact the Athlete's Advisory Committee:

If you have any comments, questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding our committee, we invite you to send them to the following address:

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