August 31st - Ice Dance Only

Registration Deadline

Friday, August 27th

Video Submission Deadline

Tuesday, August 31st @ 9:00 AM EST

Early Bird Refund Deadline

Saturday, August 28th @ 9:00 AM EST


December 17, 2021

(Virtual Test Session)




October 21, 2021

Registration Now Open

February 17, 2022

April 21, 2022


  • This is a Test Session. Please dress the part.

  • You must film in landscape mode.   Videos filmed in portrait mode will be rejected.

  • Remember your date and time stamp at the beginning of the video. USFSA requires you to scan a phone or other electronic device. This is to assure that the video meets the 30 day requirement. Videos without an electronic date and time stamp will be rejected

  • Remember to announce the skater and test at the beginning of the video. Either verbally, or hold up a piece of paper with the skater name and test written on it. The judges need to verify who they are judging.

  • Video quality matters. Judges don’t want to watch a poor quality video with a lot of interference. Their scores will reflect the quality of your video.

  • Avoid zooming in and out during filming. It’s distracting to the judges.

  • Do not film through mesh netting or plexiglass.

  • Put your phone or camera on a tripod. It is really hard to judge while watching a bouncing picture.

  • With a free skate program – start the video a few seconds before the music starts and wait a few seconds after the music stops to cease filming. You want to capture the complete program, beginning to end.

  • A MITF test must be skated with NO stopping or starting. There should be a maximum of 10 seconds between moves.

  • Get the whole skater in the frame. We need to see your feet as well as your face. At all times.

  • If filming on freestyle ice – USFSA states a maximum of 8 people may be on the ice.  Avoid interference from other skaters. You do NOT want another skater to skate between the tester and the camera. The skater cannot receive credit for what the judges cannot see. Videos with skater interference will be rejected.

  • Make sure that objects, people or parts of the rink do not obscure full view of the skater and their feet. We need to see the skater in clear view, head to toe, at all times.

  • Avoid background noise on Moves tests. No background music. No interfering conversations. Do not talk during filming.

  • For free skate tests – make sure the test music can be heard clearly on the video.

  • Watch your video before and after upload. Make sure it uploads in landscape mode and that the complete video uploads.

In order for a skater to participate in a U.S. Figure Skating Sanctioned Event at a club other than his/her own home club, this form must be completed by an officer of the skaters home club and sent to the club hosting the event.

  • In-Person Test sessions are held on Thursday mornings between 8:00 AM and 1:45 p.m.  If you are not available all day, please do not register to test, as timing requests cannot be made.

  • The test registration process is ONLY ON ENTRYEEZE. Paper applications are no longer accepted. 

  • We do not accept registrations until the previous month's test date has passed.  The test date to the left will become an active link to the registration site once it becomes available.

  • Tests will be accepted up to 14 days before the scheduled test date, or up to 30 tests, whichever happens first.

  • If the test is full before the deadline, then there will be a waiting list.

  • There will be no refunds for withdrawals after the deadline, except with medical authorization from a licensed professional.

  • Members will be given priority over non members.

  • Coaches must be compliant to put skaters on the ice at test sessions. A compliance list will be checked. Any coach not current on their CER compliance, will not be allowed to put skaters on the ice.

  • By registering for this test session you are agreeing to the following pandemic protocols:

    • Masks must be worn at all times inside the building, both on and off the ice for all skaters. 

    • Skaters will not be allowed into the building until their warm up session begins.

    • Please arrive at the rink ready to skate.  There will be no access to dressing rooms.

    • Skaters must leave the building immediately after their test.

    • No parents or spectators are allowed inside the building.

    • No food or beverage is allowed in the building.


For more information, contact our test chair at


These will be held as a Virtual Test Session for self-submitted test videos. Further technical information can be found in USFSA TN 261.


You will need the following documents, please read them closely as there are lots of details and information about how to record, submit and complete the affidavit. 

To encourage testers to submit their documents early, we are offering an early submission refund.  Any tester who has successfully uploaded their video, affidavit, release and permission to test form 72 hours prior to the submission deadline will receive a $5 refund of their registration fees.  Refunds will be issued to the credit card of record used during registration.  Rejected videos, incomplete or missing paperwork will void your refund.


Testers will be responsible for arranging their own ice, their own videographer and their own proctor. They will be responsible for assuring that their video submission meets all of the standards set forth in USFSA TN 261. They are responsible for uploading their own video and affidavit. There will be no refund of testing fees for missing the video submission deadline. There will be no refund of testing fees should your video be rejected for not meeting the standards set forth in USFSA TN 261.

Testers and coaches will receive copies of the Test Papers (via email), including their final Pass/Retry score within 1 week of testing. Due to the delayed notification of scores, contingent tests will not be allowed at this test session. The 28-day retry rule is based on a test date of March 26th and May 14th.


Benefits of the Self Submitted Video Virtual Test Session:

Skater can skate the test as many times as necessary until they get the perfect video to submit.  The video can not contain any re-skates, or re-starts, it must only contain the test session requirements from start to finish, with no stopping or starting of the video. 

Proctor Requirements for Self Submitted Videos

Per USFSA TN 261, the proctor must be an impartial person of authority (i.e., rink management, skating school director or local skating official) but may NOT be a coach/choreographer who has worked with the athlete, training mate or a parent/guardian (of the athlete or any training mates).


Example ~ Testing Skater has the following coaches:

Hannah Head Coach

Sally Spin Coach

Johnny Jump Coach

Kenny Choreographer

Donna Dance Coach

Molly Moves Coach

Any other skater coached by any of these coaches is considered a training mate. Any parent or coach associated with a training mate cannot be an impartial proctor.