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Injury Prevention Program

Injury Prevention Flyer.png

About 50% of figure skating injuries are PREVENTABLE.

A preventative assessment and personalized injury prevention program can identify and address movement impairments before they result in time loss from skating . Targeted off ice training will also strengthen your weaknesses and improve your performance.


This package includes: 

30 minute private movement screen to identify impairments

30 minute follow up to review individualized injury prevention program

Cost: $75


Sign up at: okingonline



Sarah is a residency trained Board Certified Sports Clinical Specialist, Certified Athletic Trainer, and the owner of Live 4 Physical Therapy & Wellness Advising in Acton. Sarah is a former competitive figure skater and has extensive experience working with athletes in the performing arts . Her career has taken her across the country and provided her the opportunity to work with athletes at all levels, from youth to professional sports.

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