We ARE excited to welcome you to the 2020 Colonial Cyber Series.

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Hello skaters, coaches, family members and officials!  


We want to welcome you to the 2020 Colonial Cyber Series.  This is a non-sanctioned series event, hosted and run by the Colonial Figure Skating Club.  We know that a lot of skaters are not on the ice right now, and have been off the ice for a considerable amount of time. We know that the timing of rinks opening is scattered, and the timing and restrictions are varied depending on your location.  


Our goal for this virtual series is to allow skaters to have a way to to present their programs virtually to a panel of judges, to receive a protocol sheet (for IJS scored levels), to use this information as feedback to help train, and make adjustments with your program so that when the time comes, and competitions are able to be run and the qualifying season is upon us, that the skaters will feel more ready to compete.  


Please remember, this is a virtual series, there are a lot of variables that we can not control and are outside the scope and realm of this event. It is not a sanctioned competition, and your scores will not be tracked within the U.S. Figure Skating system.  This will be for personal growth and improvement to help you work towards becoming competition ready.  Video submissions will be varied in quality, and the officials will be doing their best given the variability of the angles they will be watching, and the different lighting and quality of the videos submitted.  


While this event is not sanctioned, the officials will be judging in accordance with the rules and regulations, as set forth in the current U.S. Figure Skating rulebook, as well as any pertinent updates which have been posted on the U.S. Figure Skating website


This series will be run monthly, please do not rush to rinks to start practicing to be able to participate in the first or even second event.  We want everyone to return to the ice safely, and to not rush back. We will be here when you are ready! Use the series to allow time to practice, and submit when your skater is ready for feedback.  We plan to extend the series, and it will all be based on how and when the rinks start to open, and the competitive season starts back up. 


Below you will find the details pertaining to the series, the events we will host, video submission guidelines, etc.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 


Thank you, on behalf of the Colonial Figure Skating Club!


Heather Plotkin

Event Director

Colonial Figure Skating Club, Inc. 


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