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Hello synchro skaters & coaches!  


We want to invite you to join us for the first ever, VIRTUAL Synchronized Elements Series Challenge hosted by Ann Arbor FSC and Colonial FSC.

What is the Synchronized Elements Series Challenge?

The U.S. Synchronized Skating Element Challenge Series will be a two-event virtual series where teams will submit (3) three elements for evaluation and scoring at each event. The elements will be judged by a technical specialist and a judges’ panel. The total points will be calculated for each element and added together and posted after each event. The team with the highest number of points at the end of the two events in their division will be declared the “Elements Champion” for their division. Coaches will also receive a protocol after each event with their scores and feedback from the panel.

Our goal for this virtual series is to allow teams a way to present their elements virtually to a panel of judges, to receive a protocol sheet (for IJS scored levels), to use this information as feedback to help train, and make adjustments with your program so that when the time comes, and competitions are able to be run and the qualifying season is upon us, that the skaters and teams will feel more ready to compete.  

Please remember, this is a virtual series, there are a lot of variables that we can not control and are outside the scope and realm of this event. Video submissions will be varied in quality, and the officials will be doing their best given the variability of the angles they will be watching, and the different lighting and quality of the videos submitted.  


The U.S. Synchronized Elements Series Challenge will be conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations of U.S. Figure Skating, as set forth in the current Rulebook as well as any pertinent updates which have been posted on the U.S. Figure Skating website.


Thank you, on behalf of the Colonial Figure Skating Club and Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club!


Registration Deadline for all teams - September 26, 2021

Final Results Posted - October 24th



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