Felita Carr


I have been coaching full time in the greater Boston Area for the past 28 years. I have trained numerous students through Gold/Senior Moves in the Field, Gold/Senior FS and Gold Ice Dance tests. My students have successfully medaled at NE Regional Championships, Eastern Sectional Championships and have been competitors at US National Championships.



  • 1997 U.S. National Championships, Championship Dance Competitor

  • 1997 Pacific Coast Championships, Championship Dance Gold Medalist

  • 1996 U.S. National Championships, Championship Dance Competitor

  • 1996 Pacific Coast Championships, Championship Dance Pewter Medalist

  • 3- Time North Atlantic Regional Championships Competitor in Figures and Freestyle



  • USFSA Gold Medalist in Figures & Freestyle

  • USFSA Gold Medalist in Ice Dancing

  • USFSA Gold Medalist in Free Dance Professional Skater’s Association (PSA)



  • PSA Master Rated in Moves in the Field

  • PSA Senior Rated in Figures and Freestyle

  • PSA Level 3 Ranked



  • World and Olympic Coach Peter Burrows- Figures and Freestyle

  • World and Olympic Coach Hans Gershwiler-Figures and Freestyle

  • International Coach Neil Rubin - Figures and Freestyle

  • International Coach Sara Rubin- Freestyle Choreography

  • World and Olympic Coach Genrikh Sretenski- Ice Dance

  • International Coach Keith Litchman-Ice Dance Coaching



  • Moves in the Field

  • Freestyle

  • Ice Dancing

  • IJS Step Sequences

  • Skating Skills and Transitions



  • CFSC Board Member 2002-2008

  • CFSC Chair of Professional Committee 2002-2012

  • CFSC Professional Committee Member 2018-present



  • N.Y. Institute of Technology-School of Architecture. B.S. in Architecture.

  • Registered Architect



What is skating? Skating is the culmination of athleticism and artistry. Skating is physically demanding, yet beautiful to watch; it’s challenging, yet rewarding; it’s trying, yet blissful.


My goal as a professional coach is to instill in my students; discipline, ethics, sportsmanship, commitment, and values. These attributes are not only fundamental in becoming a successful skater, but are more importantly, the building blocks required by children to evolve into contented, well adjusted, and auspicious adults.



Contact Felita for her current rates and schedule availability.

(978) 263-3450  •  customerservice@colonialfsc.com

P.O. Box 517, West Acton, MA 01720

34 Massachusetts Ave, Boxborough, MA 01719


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