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Danielle David


Each skater is an individual with his or her own goals for skating.  I believe in helping every skater reach his or her goals and potential through an individualized plan based on skaters’ on and off ice commitments, focuses, and schedules.  I believe in positive reinforcement and encouragement and I strongly support injury prevention and require that skaters do off ice training to appropriately supplement their needs at each level.  Skaters must set goals that are attainable and performance focused.  



  • Freestyle

  • Moves in the Field

  • Group



  • 20 plus years of experience coaching skaters from Basic Skills through Senior Levels

  • Coached multiple skaters through Senior Moves in the Field and Freestyle Tests

  • Coached multiple skaters at the Regional Championships including Final Round Skaters

  • Coached Synchronized Skating Teams including a team that qualified and competed at the National Championships


  • Professional Skaters Association Annual Conferences/Summit (2020, 2015, 2012,2006)

  • BA from Boston University (2004)



  • Senior Freestyle (2015)

  • Senior Moves in the Field (2015)



  • Jump Technique

  • Spin Technique

  • IJS Knowledge

  • Choreography

  • Music Editing

  • Pole Harness

  • Goal Setting

  • Creative Exercises

  • Scheduling Coordination



I believe every skater can achieve his or her individual potential.  Through my previous experience as a special educator, I have learned how important positive reinforcement and encouragement is in skill development.  Please contact me for information about my availability and rates.

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