Anne blurs the definitions of skating, music, and dance in her holistic approach to coaching, calling on her unique skillset as an avant-garde composer, choreographer, and performer. She is a quintuple Gold Medalist, holding Freestyle, Moves in the Field, Partnered and Solo Dance as well as International Ice Dance, and Canadian Gold Artistry. She is PSA ranked and rated in choreography and Freeskating and is active in continuing education to best serve her students. In following educational and musical pursuits, Anne has served as a senior resident coach at the Seattle Skating Club, where she developed the dance program when she was not on the ice coaching and choreographing. While in New York, Anne coached and choreographed at Figure Skating in Harlem, also developing and implementing their off-ice dance program. Anne is the Artistic Director of contemporary dance company the Synthesis Aesthetics Project, and she holds a certificate from the Choreographic Institute at Dance New Amsterdam in New York City. She was accepted to Feld Entertainment’s Disney on Ice and Ice Theater of New York, has appeared as a model skater for a series of instructional videos distributed through the Professional Figure Skaters Cooperative, and is American Ice Theater certified. Anne performs regularly and teaches with JoySkate Productions in the New England area. She earned a Doctorate of Musical Arts at the Manhattan School of Music in Classical Composition, and is performer as a dancer and pianist with her new music ensemble, Tempus Continuum. She taught on faculty at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle in the Music and Dance departments, and is currently Assistant Professor of Music at Berklee College of Music.

Coaching Philosophy

I use skating as an integral tool to empower each individual to reach his or her highest potential

on and off the ice. Through safe technique, humor, and exploration, I seek to instill in my students the values of persistence, patience, and sportsmanship, imparting the importance of manageable goal setting, accountability, and optimistic thinking. No matter the students’ goals, they learn to have healthy relationships with success and failure, build relationships with their peers, and learn to celebrate their individuality and improvements, on a daily and long-term basis.

Teaching Experience

Skating Club of Boston, Norwood, MA 2020-Present

  • Ballet and Modern dance curriculum for skaters no test-senior


Elite Edge Skating Club, Wellesley, MA 2019-Present

  • Develop off-ice curriculum for high performance through developmental levels

  • On-ice instruction in free skating and ice dance


Colonial FSC/Nashoba Valley Olympia, Boxborough, MA 2018-Present

  • Choreographer and coach for competitive and recreational skaters of all levels

  • Teach upwards of 20 off-ice dance classes to beginners through competitive skaters

  • Develop on-ice edge classes focusing on expression, mobility, and musicality.

  • Consultant for Colonial Theater on Ice and Synchronized Skating teams


Olympicview Arena, Senior Resident Coach/Dance Instructor, Seattle 2015-2019

  • Developed and implemented Ballet and Musicality

  • Teach specialty group classes of jumps, strength training, and ice dance

  • Coach and choreographer for regional, sectional, & national competitors 

Figure Skating in Harlem, Figure Skating Coach, NYC 2012-2015

  • Interrim Director of skating department, summer 2013

  • Developed and implemented Ballet and Modern dance curriculum for summer & academic year

  • Incorporate STEM-based curriculum into off-ice fitness classes, introducing the girls ages 5-18 to physics, biology, anatomy, and biomechanics during workouts.


City Ice Pavilion, Figure Skating Coach, NYC 2012-2015

  • Private Coach: Basic Skills Juvenile/Intermediate

  • Developer and Instructor for Ballet for Figure Skaters program, Instructor for Bridge Program

  • Teach specialty classes: Edge, Ice Dance, Moves in the Field, Jumps, Spins, Choreography


Synthesis Aesthetics Project, Artistic Director & Choreographer, NYC 2011-Present

  • Produce one production annually of live dance, electronics, and improvised music

  • Create one evening-length production every year, focusing on all aspects of performance to enhance the overall experience of the piece

MIT Figure Skating Club, Director of Theater on Ice, Cambridge, MA 2007-2008

  • Choreographed and coached adult national team, 4th at TOI Nationals 2008

  • Taught private and group freestyle and edge classes, developing specific material for adult learners 


Colonial FSC, Assistant off-ice dance teacher, Boxborough, MA 2004-2010

  • Substitute/Assistant teacher of Ballet, Theater, Jazz, Modern, Hip-Hop, Pilates (Stott technique), Yoga, and stretch kickboxing for the Colonial FSC, classes of 6-25, ages 5-adult

  • Assisted Mary Wanamaker with Broadway Blades TOI (USA 2), Nexxice Senior (CAN 1), and other regional, national, and international skaters 


Workshops, Consultations, and Other Coaching Opportunities

  • Colonials Synchro Teams: Various consultations and workshops for preliminary, pre-juv, andopen juv synchro teams

  • Stars on Ice: Future Stars number, 2017,2018, 2019

  • Chair of Skatefest in Seattle, 2017 & 2018

  • Washington Ice Emeralds: Adult synchro consultant, asked to coach at Nationals; clinics in choreography, movement, and musicality

Skating Experience

  • Canadian Gold Artistry, Senior Freestyle, MIF, Gold & International Dance, Gold Solo Dance

  • PSA Rated: CF, CC 

  • Skating Artist, Joy Skate Productions

  • Disney on Ice hiring pool and Ice Theater of New York

  • Model skater for instructional video through Professional Figure Skaters Cooperative

  • New England Regionals Competitor, IntermediateSenior

Additional Teaching Experience

Berklee College of Music, Assistant Professor of Composition, Boston 2018-Present

  • Teach theory and counterpoint classes in the Contemporary Writing Department for undergraduates

    • Courses Taught:

      • UG Theory: Tonal Harmony I & II, Counterpoint 1

      • UG History: Icons of the European Tradition

      • UG Composition: Directed Study, Composing for Dance


Cornish College of the Arts, Adjunct Professor of Music and Dance, Seattle 2015-Present

  • Taught composition, music theory, and aural skills for undergraduates

  • Adviseindependent studies in advanced ear training, transcription, and orchestration

  • Served on the committee to redesign the core curriculum for the Music Department

  • Connected across disciplines of history, theory, chamber music, and repertoire to develop overall musicianship through projects and assignments.

    • Courses Taught:

      • UG Aural Skills: Fundamentals and Diatonicism

      • UG Theory: 16th Century Counterpoint

      • Chromaticism and Modulation 

      • Voice Leading and Harmony

      • Twentieth Century & Atonal

      • UG Piano: Level 3 & 4

      • UG Composers’ Colloquium

      • UG Music Fundamentals for Dancers

      • UG Instruction: CompositionIndependent Studies in piano, aural skills, and composition 


Manhattan School of Music, Doctoral Teaching Fellow, NYC 2012-2015

  • Developed all assignments, lesson plans, and exams for courses

  • Integratetactile and movement exercises into Aural Skills rhythmic exercises

    • Courses Taught:

      • UG/G Aural Skills: Fundamentals and Diatonicism

      • UG/G Theory: 16th Century Counterpoint

      • hromaticism and Modulation

      • Voice-leading and Harmony

      • UG/G Atonal Twentieth Century Theory

      • UOrchestration

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