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2023 Colonial Classic
Synchronized Skating Competition

Welcome to the 38th Annual Colonial Classic!

January 6-8, 2023
Tsongas Center, Lowell, MA

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$15 per day, or $25 for a 2-day access:




Ticket prices are for the entire day, and include practice ice times and competition ice times. 


In coordination with the Tsongas Center at UMass Lowell, we are pleased to offer the following convenient box meals to teams again this year



Robin Greenleaf

(chief referee)

Martha Buckley

Ann Buckley

Melissa Christensen

Eli Davies

Laura Days

Judy Edmunds

Lynn Eisenhour

Ann Fauver

Courtney Fecske

Robin Greenleaf

Susan Haugh

Leonard Heinrich

Mat Hough

Anthony Iarriccio

Lisa Insley

Megan Jackson 

Audrey Kamm

Susan LaLone

Cheryl Litman

Alyssa Liverette

David Magill

Edward Mann

Sienna Mathur

Susan McInnes

Rebecca Nagle

Summer Nagy

Rachael Naphtal

Richard Perez

Cathleen Renzi 

Elise Requadt

Elliot Schwartz

Wendy Sheridan

Gale Tanger

Tom Tanger

ADULT: Esprit de Corps, Mirror Images , Team Reflections, Team Tenacity SST, The Colonials

ASPIRE BEGINNER: CT Ice Fusion, DC EDGE, Gate City Synchro, Icing on the Cape, Lower Cape Synchro Beginner, Nor'easters, Team Image, The Sharper Edge


ASPIRE PRELIMINARY: Connecticut Rinkettes, CP Ice, DC EDGE, Lady Jacks , Lower Cape Synchro Preliminary, Mirror Images, Nor'easters, Sprites, Syracuse Symmetry, Team Delaware, Winterettes Gold


ASPIRE PRE-PRELIMINARY: CNY Chill, Connecticut Rinkettes, Snowflakes, The Colonials


INTERMEDIATE: Capital Ice Chips, DC EDGE, Mirror Images, Skyliners, Star Mates, Synergy, Team Ashburn, Team Delaware, Team Excel, Team Image Intermediate Black, Team Image Intermediate Pink, Teams Elite, The Colonials


JUVENILE: Capital Ice Connection, DC EDGE, Mini Mates, Skyliners, Starlights, Team Excel, Team Image, Teams Elite


MASTERS: Esprit de Corps, The Colonials

NOVICE: DC EDGE, Ice Mates, Skyliners, Starlights, Team Delaware, Team Image, Teams Elite


OPEN ADULT: Cutting Edge, Ocean Blades, The Colonials


OPEN COLLEGIATE: University Of New Hampshire


OPEN JUVENILE: CNY Blizzard, Connecticut Rinkettes, DC EDGE, Ice-Lantics, Mirror Images, Shadows, Superettes, Synchro Stars, Syracuse Symmetry, Team Ashburn, Team Excel, Teams Elite


OPEN MASTERS: Maine DownEasters, Philadelphia Symmetry, The Colonials


PRE-JUVENILE: CNY Storm, Connecticut Rinkettes, CP Ice, DC EDGE, Munchkins, NESC Starlings, Philadelphia Symmetry, Shimmers, Shooting Stars, Skyliners Black, Skyliners Blue, Synchro Stars, Syracuse Symmetry, Team Image, Teams Elite


PRELIMINARY: DC EDGE, DC EDGE Pre-Preliminary, Gate City Synchro, Mirror Images, Shooting Stars, Skyliners Black, Skyliners Blue, Team Ashburn, Team Excel, Team Image, Teams Elite, The Colonials


SNOW PLOW SAM:  Connecticut Rinkettes, Team Image, The Sharper Edge


Our volunteer opportunities will be posted soon. 

Thank you for considering volunteering at the Colonial Classic 2023! Without you we couldn't organize this great event.

  • When you sign up for 8 consecutive volunteer-hours or more, you get 1 free ticket for the day of your choice. 

  • Parking Passes will be given to all volunteers

  • If you sign up for one of the following volunteer slots at 5am, 6am or a time slot past 10pm your volunteer hours will count double!


Avanti has set up room blocks at a wide range of hotels near Tsongas. Avanti has provided us the following helpful information about the booking process:


  • Click on the link - - to go to the Colonial Classic hotel webpage. Links for booking rooms and making team block requests will now be active. IMPORTANT: you may need to refresh (F5) the web page.

  • To request a room block for your team/club, click on the TEAM BLOCK link

  • Enter/confirm the required fields (your email, team/club name, etc). This creates your account within our system

  • After creating your account, you will receive an email moments later that will allow you to make your request for a team/club block of rooms. At bottom of this email, click on “Login Directly” where you will select your hotel preferences

    • Choose your 1st hotel preference by clicking on “book this hotel” next to your first preferred hotel. Confirm number of nights & number of rooms needed. Please try to accurately estimate the number of rooms you need and not over-block. Your fellow competition participants will be very appreciative of this.

    • Choose your 2nd and 3rd hotel preferences in same manner

    • Fill out comment box for any special requests/details

    • Click submit - it is ONLY once you have clicked submit with your hotel preferences that your team/club is in queue. Avanti will fill room blocks based strictly on the time stamp of your submission. It may take no time at all for you to receive a confirmation email from us with details of your hotel and booking link. Or, if we need to reach out to hotel(s) to request additional rooms, accommodate your special requests, etc, this process can take time so please be patient. We will not move on to the next team/club in queue until you are placed at a hotel.

Login To Dashboard

  • Once your team/club room block has been setup, you will receive a Hotel Confirmation email from us. You will be able to access your confirmed hotel block through the “login directly” link attached in the Hotel Confirmation email. This will redirect you to a personal “Dashboard” with all hotel information and rooming list access.


We will be offering up limited vendor spaces for the 2023 Colonial Classic.  Please email for more information or to request a Vendor application. 


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