Michael Cook - Conditioning

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Anaerobic Training: designed to emulate the anaerobic demands of the sport. This training will help the athlete to train and utilize the correct energy system necessary for each of their on-ice programs.

Strength Conditioning: designed to create a solid foundation to help assist in the skill acquisition provided by their on-ice lessons.

Gwen Leonard - Ballet and Stretch

Ms. Leonard hails from a breadth of prestigious ballet academies, companies, and teaching experiences. She received a full scholarship at American Ballet Theatre and trained with the most acclaimed ballet teachers in the United States. Ms. Leonard performed throughout the United States and Europe with the Stuttgart Ballet, North Carolina Dance Theater, and Broadway Dance Festival. She has taught ballet classes and seminars at ballet schools, for football teams, (Texas University), and at summer skating clinics.


Ballet: Ballet is key to the development of any skater. Ballet helps to develop overall strength, muscle control, flexibility, speed, fluidity and graceful /coordination of all movements. Ms. Leonard’s ballet classes are specifically designed for figure skaters, emphasizing alignment, turnout, graceful line, upper body positions, and confidence of movement.


Stretch: Stretching for skaters is absolutely essential. Stretching facilitates proper alignment, higher extensions, greater movement fluidity and helps to prevent injuries. Muscles that work hard can become tight, and overdeveloped if not properly and frequently stretched.

Anne Goldberg-Baldwin - Composer | Choreographer | Performer

Anne H. Goldberg blurs the definitions of music and dance as a composer, choreographer, performer, and educator, a vanguard of interdisciplinary performance art.  She is co-Founder and Artistic Director the Tempus Continuum Ensemble, a new music ensemble premiering and performing both her own music and that of other 20th and 21st Century composers.  Touring coast to coast and internationally, Anne’s music has been premiered and performed by ensemble mise-en, the Boston New Music Institute, the Novatrio, NeoLit Ensemble, and at festivals such as the International Ferienkurse für Neue Musik Darmstadt and the Summer Institute for Contemporary Performance Practice at New England Conservatory. Her artistry has been featured in New York venues such as Symphony Space, the Kitchen, the Flea Theater, and many others nationally and internationally. In addition to Tempus, Anne is Founder and Artistic Director of dance and multimedia company, the Synthesis Aesthetics Project. Through the project, Anne has produced, composed, choreographed and directed a variety of productions, most recently as Emerging-Artist-in-Residence at The Field.

In addition to her musical and choreographic pursuits, Anne is a professional figure skater, holding gold freestyle, artistry and ice dancing titles in the United States and Canada as well as International ice dancing titles.

Private Instruction: Anne works with students on and off the ice, and is also a an experienced tutor with over 10 years of academic and test prep tutoring. Opportunities for SAT/ACT tutoring at the rink in addition to on-ice instruction. Please visit her website at www.annehgoldberg.com or contact her directly for availability and pricing

Class Offering Survey: Anyone who fills out the survey will be entered in a raffle to win 5 free classes, a $100 value.* 

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