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Jane is a successful coach with 41 years of experience working with any skill level from beginners to champions in single skating.

Jane holds medals in competitions in single and pair skating. She has been a team coach in Russia for 10 years and was named one of the best children's coaches in Russia from 1979 to 1991.

Several students who were coached by Jane were selected by Tatyana Tarasova for competing in Olympic, World and European championships.

Jane has a dual Master Degree in Sports Science and Education.

Jane can help you improve your technical skills in jumps, spins and footwork. She can also assist Synchro skaters.

Email Contact:  edpliner36@gmail.com

Telephone Contact:  978-269-4777

Disciplines available to instruct:  MF, Freestyle, Off-ice, harness. All ages and all levels.

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