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Colonial FSC Basic, Adult, and Advanced Learn to Skate Program

Commonly asked Questions and Answers:

Does my child need a helmet?  U.S. Figure Skating strongly recommends the use of helmets for all beginner skaters and children six years old and younger.

Can I rent skates or do I need to buy skates?  Where can I buy skates?
Yes, you can rent skates from Cooke’s Skate Supply.  If you decide to purchase skates after renting, Cooke’s will apply the cost of the rentals towards the pair of skates $68.00 or more.
Other skate shops include:
The Shaper Edge in Peabody:  www.sharperedgeskates.com
The Ice House in Wellesley:  www.icehousesports.com

How often/ when does Colonial test the Basic Skills skaters?  As soon as your skater has mastered the skills needed to advance, they will be tested and moved up to a more challenging level.  Colonial’s comprehensive approach uses brightly colored achievement badges and sticker-filled record books to keep the skaters enthusiastic about skating.  Test sessions are also held during week 10 of the session.

What  are Private Lessons?  Many skaters supplement their group lessons with private instruction.  Private lessons provide a wonderful opportunity in assisting your skater triumph over elements they may be struggling with in their group class, helping your skater learn an exciting new trick they’ve been wanting to try or simply because your skater benefits from one-on-one instruction. 

What is a skating program?  A Skating Program is the exciting next step to learning Basic Skills.  The skater gets to select a piece of music of their choice and then incorporate all of the skills they have learned on the ice into the Skating Program.  The Skating Program can then be used in exhibitions, competitions or simply for fun.

What are Basic Skills competitions?  The purpose of Basic Skills competitions is to promote fun, introductory and competitive experiences for beginner skaters.  Colonial hosts a Basic Skills competition every spring.  At Basic Skills competitions your skater can compete in a variety of areas such as:  Basic Elements, Programs, Beginner Spins and Showcase Events.

Where can I find out more about getting a Skating Program together for my child?  Any one of the coaches on the Basic Skills staff can answer your questions about Skating Programs. 

Where can I find out more about local competitions?  There is a box in the Colonial office with Basic Skill Competition applications.   You can also check http://www.neicc.org/Eventcalendar.htm for more local and upcoming Basic Skills Competitions.

How much does it cost for a Private Lesson with a Colonial Basic Skill’s Instructor?  A fifteen minute lesson is $15.00.

How do I go about finding a Private Lesson Instructor for my skater?  There is a list of Colonial Basic Skills Instructors in the Colonial office.

What days/times are available for practice sessions?  Basic and Advanced Skill skaters can practice on Thursdays from 3:00-4:30.  Additional sessions can be found here:  http://www.colonialfsc.com/forms/Spring_2012_Ice_Schedule.pdf  Basic and Advanced skill skaters are eligible to skate on RED SESSIONS  which are designated as  NO TEST (sessions 9, 19, 22, 30, 31, 49 and 51).

General Policies:

  • Make up classes are not allowed for any reason
  • Refunds are provided for medical reasons and only when accompanied by a doctor’s note.
  • Registration is 10 days prior the start date of the class.   There is a $10.00 late fee after session begins.
  • During session 1-4 (not summer session), there is a Yearly fee of $20.00 which covers:  cost of books, badges and a USFSA membership.
  • Skater’s who pay for all four sessions in advance receive a 10% discount.
  • Skater’s enrolling in 2 classes receive a 10% discount on the 2nd class.
  • Prorating is only applicable when signing up for a session after it has begun.  Payment is then required for the entire number of remaining weeks.  There is no pro-rating for individual classes that may be missed.
  • We do not follow the Acton or Boxborough school calendar or their snow cancellation procedures.  If the rink is open, we are open.  Call 978-263-3450 or 978-263-3020 if unsure.

Helpful Links:

www.neicc.org to find out about local competitions
www.usfsa.org to find out more about United States Figure Skating and Basic Skills
www.colonialfsc.com to find out more about Colonial and its programs.

We are truly looking forward to helping your skating dreams become a reality!  Please contact the Colonial office with any questions, comments or suggestions you have.  We look forward to hearing from you!


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